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Qirat Tea

Peach Fragrance Da Hong Pao

Peach Fragrance Da Hong Pao

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As we all know, Wuyi Yancha is the originator of Oolong tea. It is named after growing in the unique rocky soil of Wuyi Mountain. Wuyi Mountain’s thousands of rivers and hundreds of gully landforms have produced many unique microclimates, thus creating many small factories with different ecological environments.  This gave birth to the big family of Wuyi Rock Tea. Dahongpao has a richer fragrance, including orchid fragrance, osmanthus fragrance, peach fragrance, cream fragrance, orange fruit fragrance, cinnamon fragrance... According to the major categories, there are fragrance types.  It has a strong-flavor type and a variety of aromas, which fascinates many tea lovers. Dahongpao, as one of the top ten famous teas in China, has always been sought after by consumers, but because the mother tree Dahongpao has been banned from mining, we now drink it.  Most of the Dahongpao are reproduced asexually through the mother tree Dahongpao, and a large area of ​​tea is planted in the Wuyi Mountain Scenic Area. That is to say, it is a blended Dahongpao. It is precisely because of this that the blending is rich to a certain extent.  The scent of Dahongpao can meet the diversified needs of consumers. The scent we usually smell is mainly composed of three kinds of regional fragrance, variety fragrance, and craft fragrance. The ingredients exist in the fresh leaves.  In general, among the various types of tea, those with a lighter degree of fermentation have an elegant floral fragrance, while those with a darker degree have a fragrance of ripe fruit, and the fragrance of roasted chestnut or honey.  In terms of production, the tea maker controls the unique aroma of tea by controlling withering, making green, and roasting. The aroma of Dahongpao is characterized by a strong floral and fruity aroma and caramel aroma. Today I will share with you tea friends made by Gao Peng  A "Peach Da Hongpao" with its subtle and unique peach fragrance and mouth, it is a tea product that rock tea lovers cannot miss.  There is a rich peach fragrance wafting over the face, lightly sip the tea soup, the mouth is smooth, the tea soup tastes mellow and sweet, with a light peach fragrance, under the fine taste, the soup is warm and moist, and the taste is fresh and refreshing.

brewing method

Teaware: cover bowl (120ml)

Tea volume: 8.3g/pack

Brewing water: pure water, mountain spring water

Water temperature: boiling water for brewing

Brewing: The first two brews need to be brewed high to stimulate the aroma of the tea.  The first four soups need to be quick and clean.  You can sit in a cup when the tea taste fades, and boiling water is required for the whole brewing process.

Number of times: more than 10


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